The Costs of Building An Online Presence For Business

The Costs of Building An Online Presence For Business

The Costs of Building An Online Presence For BusinessIf you've read our previous two articles then you now know why you should have a website and some of the dos and don'ts of website creation. If you haven't read them you can find them here ('Why Having an Online Presence Can Help Your Business Grow' and 'How to Improve Your Online Presence: The Dos and Don'ts') or if you want a more general overview of the entire topic you could check out our article 'Online Presence for Business'. 

There is no set price for website creation. If you're wondering what the costs of building an online presence are, then you should know that this is not a 'one size fits all' scenario. It all depends on what kind of website you want and what you want it to do. How big your website is and how many different functions it serves will greatly affect the price of creating it. Building a professional website takes time, effort, and an investment on your part. However, there are some standard costs involved in creating any type of website.


Elements Involved & Breakdown of Costs:


Domain Name

All websites need a domain name to identify it to web users. This is the URL that allows people to visit your site. Just like your home address identifies your house, a domain name identifies your website. The cost of a domain name in Ireland is generally around €20 annually for a .ie domain. A domain name is essential for building an online presence for a business.


Website Hosting

Website hosting is basically the space on a web server where your website files are stored. If your domain name is your address, then the hosting is the actual space that your site occupies and stores information. Think of it as a filling cabinet, or a spare room in your house. You can get decent Irish web hosting for as little as €30 a year.


Code maintenance

Much like your car needs regular services and NCT's, code maintenance is crucial in order to keep your code working, and to prevent hackers from getting into your website. You should aim for at least 2-4 updates a year and these cost about €50 each.


Content Management System (CMS)

CMS is used to display text, pictures, videos, and all other types of content. You can pay for a custom CMS or, alternatively, WordPress is a free option that contains many template options. Without a CMS your website will just be a load of gibberish that no one can understand.


Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Certificate

This encrypts sensitive data such as credit card and customer details. It costs about €120 a year. Basically it's what gives you the little lock symbol in the URL bar. An SSL Certificate is essential if you're dealing with any kind of sensitive data or want to sell products or services online. Think about it; you don't leave your house doors unlocked, so why would you take a risk with your website's security?  


Payment Gateway

This is needed if you intend to sell online. They encrypt sensitive information, like credit/debit card numbers, so information can pass securely between the customer and the merchant. In Ireland, WorldPay is very popular amongst businesses but its prices vary depending on your business needs.


Web Design

The costs of this vary widely. It really depends on what you want and how customised you want it. According to Waterford Web Design you could pay a daily rate between €100 to €1000. They state that:

  • €100/d will get you a graduate level web designer
  • €350/d will get you an experienced sole trader
  • €500+/d will get you a professional within a large agency


How to Finance Building Your Website?

These are the basic costs that can be associated with building a website; there could be additional costs such as:

  • Training staff to use and update the website,
  • Phone support,
  • Buying stock photos.

Realistically you’re looking at your website costing somewhere between €1,000 and €10,000. Like many investments, the cost of building a professional website can be steep at first. While this investment is definitely worth making, how can you afford it? Well, there are a number of finance options available to businesses that can help and allow you to finance your website. We would recommend a cash advance facility to get you started on your website journey.


What is A Cash Advance?

Cash advance loans can provide up to €100,000 over a maximum of 18 months. However, if you are just using the funds to finance the creation of your website, you are unlikely to need quite this much. Cash advances have a number of benefits and repayments are made as a portion of your daily credit / debit card sales. This means that the repayments are flexible and work with the natural ebb and flow of your business. The best news is that GRID's business loans can be approved in just 24 hours, meaning you can get your new website up and running without waiting weeks for a bank to approve you. 

Building an online presence for business is crucial to keep up with competitors and customer expectations.  This means that having a website is a key investment for growing your business. So don’t allow yourself to be put off by the price.

Find out more about the cash advance option and get started today.

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