The Art of Upselling: Happier Customers & Higher Profits

The Art of Upselling: Happier Customers & Higher Profits


Upselling is a great way to increase your profits, but if done right it can also lead to a more positive experience for your customers. There are many ways you can introduce upselling to your restaurant, so we’ve included some tips for you to get the best out of this sales tactic.


Offer Extras

An obvious example of restaurant upselling is the waiter offering the dessert menu. For most customers this is an everyday part of eating out, but at heart, this is upselling. There are many extras you can offer customers, such as tea or coffee, at the end of their meal. Upselling should also include offering customers things they might not even think of themselves; for example, if they are ordering a salad ask if they want chicken added, or maybe they want that coffee upgraded to an Irish one.


Be Descriptive

Rather than your servers simply asking customers if they want dessert, they should pick one to describe: “Would you like to see the dessert menu? Our triple chocolate cake is drizzled with melted chocolate and is just fabulous!”. Don’t forget to offer a take away option; many customers do really want to try the dessert but are just too full after their meal; by offering a take-out option at the offset you increase your chances of selling more. If offering a take away isn’t something that suits your business, consider having a sharing option.



Servers who are bored and uninterested are unlikely to sell anything, let alone selling extra. However, servers who seem genuinely happy and excited about the items on the menu make the customers more enthusiastic about what they are buying. A good way to increase the natural enthusiasm of your staff is to have them try a small portion of each new dish. Genuine recommendations from staff should not be undervalued.


High Profit Margins

Servers should know which items have the highest profit margins, so that they can maximise profit potential. Waiters are often asked for a recommendation, particularly between certain menu options, why not give them the tools they need to make your restaurant more profits?


Don’t Annoy Your Customers

The art of upselling can be achieved through proper training; if you don’t get the balance right you risk coming across as pushy and end up putting customers off.  Proper training means your staff will be able use upselling in a helpful way and make it an effortless, natural part of every transaction.


Funding Your Training

As you can see from our tips your wait staff is central to increasing your profits so investing in having them trained properly is beneficial to both your customers and your profits. However, if you think you may need a small injection of cash to cover the rollout of this training, why not consider a short-term finance option, like a cash advance? Repayments are a daily percentage of your card machine takings, meaning this works with the ebb and flow of your business. This takes the pressure off your cash flow until your higher profits start coming in. 


Find out more about the cash advance option and get started now.

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