Shop Designs: The Aesthetics of Your Store

Shop Designs: The Aesthetics of Your Store

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The aesthetics of your store are really important both to improve your customer’s experience and to increase your sales and profits. The style of your shop should be in line with your business identity, your products, and with the characteristics of your target customer. The general atmosphere of the store and its layout shouldn’t just meet your personal taste, they should engage your specific target customer, and make them feel comfortable spending time in your shop. This means that the first thing you should do if you are thinking of opening a new store or maybe renovating one, is to understand your target customer: what they like, who they are, what they are looking for, etc… This information will help you with the aesthetic and design part of your business, which will result in an increase of sales.


Nowadays many stores sell products that are similar to each other and so competition levels are very high. If you want to succeed you should focus also on other aspects of your store, going beyond your product, and one way to do this is through aesthetics. Besides the aesthetic part, you should also pay attention to the layout of your store. To find out some tips about it, check out our other article “Store Layout: How to Optimise Your Retail Space”If you need some guidelines to create your own style, here some key points that can definitely improve your customer experience in the store. 


Right colours

Different colours evoke different sensations and emotions in people. Choosing the right colours for your walls or furniture might make the difference between a good first impression or a bad one for the customer. Colours can be noticed outside through the storefront window, meaning they are important to attract the customer and encourage them to come inside.

This element is also related to the size of the shop: light and bright colours can make a small store seem bigger,  whereas the use of darker colours can make it seem less dispersive and vast.


Furniture style

How you decorate your shop depends on the message that you want to communicate. Your style must appeal to your specific target. What kind of personality do you want to give your business? Exuberant? Minimal? Vintage? “Differentiating” is the key word in this case, you want to look different from your competitors and impress customers, to make sure they will remember the store and hopefully come back in the future. While standing out is important, you need to be sure that everything is coherent and combined with your overall identity.



Lighting is often undervalued. Different types of lighting can really change the tone and overall feel of a room, and the correct type in a store can make people feel welcomed. Adequate outdoor lighting gives you the opportunity to make it clear that you are open and to distinguish your store from other retailers next to you.

The light can also change the colour perception of your products, a red t-shirt is red in a certain light but it could look orange or pink in another, depending on the lighting. If you are the owner of a clothing store you should pay particular attention to the shade of light in your store, in your case the colour is very important in the buying decision.


Funding Your New Look

If you want to change your look, refurbish your store or you just want to buy new furniture, this can be expensive. If you need support to cover costs related to the improvement of your business, here at GRID we specialise in providing finance to retail businesses. GRID’s cash advance is a great short-term business loan. It is a smart working capital solution which can be accessed within a few days of applying. You can get approval just 24 hours after we receive your full application so you don’t have to wait weeks for a decision. It is repaid as a portion of your daily card sales, so it works with the ebb and flow of your business.


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